Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday Trend: Red Toile

Lately I've been drooling over red toile wallpaper.  But just not any old toile.  Toile with a fun, funky, modern twist.

As seen in a kitchen on Design Sponge:

I like, I like.

And in a nook designed by Leah of Revival Home & Garden:

I love, I LOVE.  See the hint of green I mentioned in an earlier post? Red + green = current obsession.

But, you see, this wallpaper is more than meets the eye.  

See here: 

Brooklyn Toile. {PS dying over those red/white tiled floors}
Dumbo Toile. Funky fresh.
Chinatown Toile.
All can be purchased through Flavor Paper for $150/roll which my friends ain't too, too bad.

So what do y'all say?  Are these designs you could get behind? Personally, I'm down. And my pick would have to be Brooklyn.  Behind the barstools in our kitchen. With emerald green trim on the windows. Yes...that'll do pig, that'll do.


  1. I'm in the process of having a bright red ikat duvet made by furbish for our master bedroom... and I am like 99% sure I am going to paint the walls mint green.

  2. Y-E-S PLEASE. I can't wait to see that on turq&gold!