Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Finds

It's the freakin' weekend y'all.  And to celebrate the weekend here are some finds I found while rummaging the internets. Please go scoop them up so I won't. 

Pretty Kilim Rug:

Like...I can't even....dying:

Rawr. From West Elm & on sale! Would look great on an entryway chair.
Coral bookends from the one & only Target. {Actually got these last weekend, and they are fab on our mantle}
For the grand finale.

Get a coffee table:
Then a classic acrylic tray to put on top:

 In the tray, first layer with some pretty books:

On top of those place my favorite accessory:

Then fill with a freshly cut bouquet of the prettiest pink peonies.

It's just the best.

Have a fun, design-inspired, happiest of Mother's day (love you MOMMA & MOMMA-IN-LAW!), most fabulous weekend. Deal? Deal.



  1. shut UP shut UP with that rug. i need it. im buying it.

    also those nighstands are INSANITY. 300 for both?!?!?! why arent you getting them!?!?!?

  2. <3 the coffee table idea =) super cute. I also want those chests. . . like ASAP. .