Monday, March 12, 2012

Bawk, bawk.

Dear fried chicken.  I need to know how to make you.  You sure aren't healthy, but you taste so delicious that I don't care.  This is what I told myself before I started on my fried chicken adventure.  I cheated just a little bit though.  I bought the pre-marinated chicken from Central Market.  I figured they could do a much better job at it than me so why not.  And I was right!!!  The first one I tried was "southwestern" and the second "lemon-rosemary herb" Oui. oui.  I saw some fancy chefs on "The Chew" make a fried chicken club sandwhich, so I took their technique for the chicky and used it for my dish.

1. First, put about a cup or two of vegetable oil in a big ole' skillet.  Let it heat up real good {medium-high/high heat}.
2. While it's heating, put some flour (again a cup or two) in a bowl.  In a separate bowl, put some buttermilk.  I got the smallest jug they had at HEB for like $.89
3. Dip the pre-marinated chick in the buttermilk. Then the flour- make sure it gets all up in there and all over it.  Then, dip the chick back in the buttermilk and back in the flour. DOUBLE DIP!
4. Once coated, plop it in the skillet. Make sure you let it cook for like 5 minutes on one side before flipping or else the crust will rip off- yes this happened to me :(
5. There is no "exact" time for cooking, which usually scares me and discourages me from recipes.  But, I promise this one is easy! Just keep your eye on the chick.  I would say 5 minutes on each side to start. Then keep flipping until it's as crispy as you like! We like ours reeeaaal crispy so it was a nice golden brown color when I was done.


As you can see, I served with a side of mac n' cheese.  Nothin' fanc-ay, just Velveeta shells.  And get this, after we were done eating, Brett said it was the best fried chicken he's ever had!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love him.

ALSO, the southwestern marinade was 100 times better than the lemon-rosemary!

Happy Monday :)


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