Monday, March 12, 2012

Our beach retreat....

We can all dream right? Well I've decided to turn our master bedroom at Miss BB into a beach-ish retreat.  Somewhere that we can relax, our dogs can hang out, and most of all somewhere we feel most comfy.  I also wanted somewhere that didn't feel too feminine.  A fun mix of color that my hubby would love too.  Then I stumbled upon this.......

by Jamie Meares- my favorite {obviously}!!

.....was basically my reaction in a nutshell.  You know when you see a picture on Pinterest or a blog or anywhere really and it just "clicks" with you.  And you just know it meshes with yo' style?  That's what happened here.  Brett loves it MINUS the bug pillur. Which, the more I look at it does actually look like a roach. I despise roaches. I WOULD RATHER FLY THAN BE CONFRONTED WITH A ROACH.  Ok, maybe not. But I loathe them.

Sorry for the sidetrack.....Anywho.....I was on g-chat with Jordan (aka Queen Jord. aka you NEED to check out her blog. NEED TO) when I saw this picture on a blog (which she had coincidentally commented on by the way #soulmateeees).  And she quickly informed me that the duvet was from West Elm.  I was so happy/excited/ecstatic! Then I saw it was "no longer available" online and I was ----> :(.  Then Brett took me to West Elm in Houston for our coffee table and GUESS WHO I FOUND!!!!!!!!!!! It was fate, really. Yup, I found her-- greek key and all just for us to have.  And she was $49 down from $129.  Again, #extremecouponer.

I haven't fully figured out the room yet, but I will reveal my initial thoughts to my lovely readers.

We got this rug from IKEA:

I shall call her "Jute."

I really want this from J. Adler:

As the throw pillur...maybe in front of some navy-ish monogrammed shams.  Mmmmm.  And you can see the pillow even has some Kelly Green in it.  Which I am thinking for lamps or nightstands!!!!! Instead of the green headboard in the pic, I want a clean, white-washed, wooden one-- which is actually been a challenge to find. But I will conquer it. Just like the aggro-crag. DO YOU HAVE IT, GUTS.

That is all for today. I can't wait to show y'all more progress on Miss BB soon.  Also, I have started an etsy shop.  It only has one measly item, but check back for more!  (if you are interested contact me & i will quote you family/friend pricing!)


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  1. shut UP you didnt tell me YOU FOUND THE BEDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!