Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Never gonna give you up....

Click me....

You've been RickRolllllll'd!!!!! If you know what that is you are prob laughing....if not, then you probably think I am the weirdest person on the planet.  That's ok though.

The point is that when you want something don't give up. In this case it applies to pillow shams. YEAH, PILLOW SHAMS.  Per my previous post, we found the duvet over the weekend.  But the standard shams were sold out in the store AND online-- where it says "no longer available." Not a good sign peeps. So.... first I thought, alrighty then, maybe a monogrammed sham or navy plain sham thang.  But the blue is really hard to copy and the monogram might prove too busy for the duvet + capri pillow- which is mandatory btw.  That's when I decided I was going to get my hands dirty and do some investigatin'

So I call up West Elm Austin and am all like hurrlurr you got these shams? And he was all like hold up woman.  I kid, I kid. I actually got this super super nice guy named Roy to help me.  He spent TWENTY minutes trying to track down these shams for me.  That's gooood retail right there.  After looking foreva-eva he said unfortunately they can't find them anywhere.

Then I call up West Elm customer service-- bad idea.  I talk to this lady who obviously didn't want to be helping me and when I told her my mission, 5 seconds later said-- yeah we don't make those any more. Every single store in the US & Canada is sold out and there is no hope of finding them except for eBay.  REWD.  Now, after this I admit I was almost defeated. I mean if the HOME OFFICE says they don't exist, they don't exist right?

Wrong.  The phone rings THIRTY minutes later and guess who it be? ROY!!!!  He said he's been trying to track down the shams on their system in hopes that someone has it in the back or in their storage warehouse thingy.  And low and behold some stores did!!!!!!!!!!! 1 sham in Santa Monica & 1 in Scottsdale Arizona. I screamed.  He screamed. It was a joyous moment.  As I'm typing this, I'm thinking this is a really long story for two measly shams but I've had like the best day ever and a glass of wine and I'm on a roll. So I shall continue.

I call Santa Monica and get a he-who-must-not-be-named not so nice employee who barely gives me the time of day. "Ma'am it's not in the system so that means we are sold out." Me: "I KNOW YOU HAVE IT." Him: "Ma'am we don't, sorry.""

Are you kidding me? You can't even LOOK in your bedding section or call the back to see if it might be available?!?! Karma.  Then I call Scottsdale.  Get another nice, helpful person named Molly who searched for another 20 minutes and......she found my prize possession hidden at the bottom of a box in the back!!! I love Molly.  I screamed. She screamed. It was a joyous moment.  Then I proceeded to tell her how much more helpful and nice she was compared to the man in Santa Monica.  Ooooo Molly didn't like that. She called the MANAGER there, told them the story, and guess what--- THEY HAD THE SHAM. THEY PUT IT ON HOLD. THEY WERE WAITING FOR MY PHONE CALL.  On top of it the shams were $9, and they didn't even charge me shipping b/c of the whole fiasco!!!!! I can only hope he-who-must-not-be-named felt the burn.

Bottom line is don't ever give up when you want something because it is out there and just takes nice people and dedication to get it!!

My shams get here Friday & I shall love them forever and ever amen.