Tuesday, March 6, 2012


In a previous post, I mentioned how much I adore Jamie Meares-- interior designer extraordinaire and owner of Furbish Studio.  If you haven't seen her new website, GO NOW.  I can't even begin to describe how much I want each and every thing.

After stalking her and her work on the interwebs...

.....I knew I had to take a chance and e-mail her about an e-design option.  I wanted something fresh, colorful, fun for Miss BlueBonnet's living room.  And I wanted mostly stuff from Furb Studio.  Who better to make it happen than Mrs. Furbish herself?!  I have plenty of fun ideas, but I needed a little direction on colors & patterns. Plus, this opportunity only comes along like NEVER.  After e-mailing me back, first by saying CUTE HOUSE! (made my month), she said she'd be happy to!!!! Queue ecstatic EXCITEMENT!!!  And so the journey began. 

I can't reveal too much, but here is the first thing we got for the room.....

I die for chevron and Brett loved it!! She's pretty much my rug soulmate.

Stay tuned for updates as the room comes together!



  1. So much color!!!! Love!!!!! I cant wait to see what comes next =)

  2. is that an urban rug or did you go for a higher end option?!

    1. the urban rug!! such a steal!

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