Friday, May 10, 2013


So since the house is scheduled to be complete in July, we have to decide on a million things FAST.  Like in two weeks fast.  I began scrambling through my old files for W. 26th, Pinterest, Houzz etc and started planning like a mad woman.  The problem is that I am so indecisive- like the most indecisive person ever.  But I kind of think being forced to make decisions fast helps me in a way because you have no other choice- you can't take your time and there's no turning back.  So last night while Grandma babysat, B & I sat down to map out the kitchen design (after I had my bubble bath and wine obviously).  And in about an hour we had our entire kitchen picked out.  Here are a few pics for the inspiration:

We're going with white cabinets for the main area with a subway tile back splash-- I think we'll do a contrasting grout like the first pic to where it's not just all white and will break up the color a little bit.  For the counter tops, our top pick is a honed black granite (honed = not shiny); you can see that in the third picture.  Now to the best part- the ISLAND.  We're going to do the island in a blue-gray paint for a pop of color and the counter tops in some sort of white marble/quartz/granite with some big ole pendant lights over it.

Perhaps these?

Now we're off to pick out our washer/dryer- it's seriously like Christmas morning over here.



  1. So pretty!!!!!! I can not wait to see everything yall do!!!