Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I can't believe my little peanut is 8 weeks old today.  I feel like we've already been through so much together in such a short time.  Each week I can't wait for him to reach new milestones- smiling, grabbing toys, cooing. It seriously gets better and better.

I'm just now finding "me time''- in a large part thanks to Brett, his mom, my mom, and all the visitors who have come to babysit or watch Cash man for us.  That's a lot of the reason I haven't blogged-- I'm just so focused on him that I haven't really made time for other things.  I'm getting better at it though :)  Also Cash has had a lot of issues. It feels like we are in and out of doctor appointments every week.  The most recent one is that he aspirates.  Which basically means when he feeds, some fluid goes down the wrong tube and towards his lungs.  We've been working with a speech therapist to improve his swallowing and prevent him from aspirating, but it's a constant struggle.  One important thing I've learned-- I told the pediatrician for weeks that I felt like something was wrong with his breathing and feeding.  She kept telling me that it was a cold/that he was congested-- "get a humidifier'' or ''suction out his nose'' or ''keep him warm''.  FINALLY, after pushing and pushing she ordered a test which sure enough showed that he aspirates.  To soon-to-be-mommies, ALWAYS trust your instincts.  I know everyone tells you that, but that's one of the most important things I've learned these 8 weeks.  Granted he has more issues than normal babies, but I couldn't imagine not insisting on that test and then things getting worse.  The good news is that Cash IS thriving and is gaining weight and does all the normal things that a baby does.  He just happens to have had a bumpy road that will hopefully continue to get better :)

Over the next few weeks, we'll be making the transition from doctors in San Antonio to doctors in Houston, until we move into our NEW CASA!  I created an album on the FB to show the progress from construction to final product so you can find updated pictures there.  The next task we have to tackle is picking out all the tile/vanities/paint for the bathrooms.  It's hard y'all.

We know for sure that we want a gray vanity in the master with some sort of gray/white/marble flooring.  Kinda like this--

And for the shower/tub tile we are thinking a subway tile with dark gray grout (can you see a trend here? our house shall be full of subway tile.  cheap, easy, and good lookin')