Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I know every baby is different, but here are a few things that Cash (and me let's be honest) can't live without & a few things just for fun.

If you do one thing and one thing only by reading this blog post, GET THE MIRACLE BLANKET. Seriously.  I pray it works for you like it did for us, but the first night we used that thing he slept for 8 hours straight. 

Another device that I swear by (thanks to the recommendations of many fam and friends) is the Fisher Price Rock N Play Sleeper. This mainly is a life saver because Cash has GERD (bad acid reflux) and it keeps him elevated for sleep.  But I do know other people who love it just as much for a bassinet by their bed for the first few months.

Miracle Blanket + Rock N Play Sleeper = sanity and sleep for Ryann & B
Just do it.

Now on to playing...

I LOVE LOVE all the toys from Sassy Baby and Lamaze.  He has these little nuggets:

Sassy Ring

Sassy Birds

Newborn Lounger
*Cash loves to play on this. SOOO handy for talking, singing, and playing in general.  Also good for reflux babies because it's elevated :) Plus it helps him look at his BFF- the fan.

Freddie mobile
His other BFF is this mobile which we hung over his changing table. I've gotten major kudos from the doula for this thing since the black and white contrasts with bright colors.  He also flaps his wings and plays music. It's baby gold.

3 sprouts
In love with these storage bins for all of his thangs.  He has the fox and the raccoon. I also scooped up the goat laundry hamper because I couldn't resist.  I imagine them all lined up in the game room with lots of big boy toys :)

Ok my head hurts and Cash is squirming from his nap. I hope this helps any new or soon to be mommas out there!


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