Friday, March 1, 2013


You might find this ironic, since obviously we will have no time for a vacation any time soon.  But for some reason I find myself googling pictures of beaches and resort infinity pools.  I'm convinced it's because of all the reality TV we watch (like the Bachelor "falling in love'' in Thailand), but let's be honest-- after 10 months of pregnancy this mama AT SOME POINT, will need a beach and a frozen concoction in her hand. Whether that's a year down the road or what.  It will happen.

Brett and I have never, ever gone this long without taking a vacation together.  When we started dating, we have always made it a priority to make traveling a big part of our relationship and when we have kids, to make that a big part of their lives as well.  We were lucky enough to have a honeymoon in the Maldives.

And then about once a month, we would go to Vegas to satisfy our mac n' cheese craving @ Aria and our gambling obsession @ Monte Carlo.

Before we found out about Cash we had a Eurotrip planned for last August (you can read about it here).  Well first I was so incredibly sick, I couldn't manage to get off the bathroom floor, much less spend 10 days galavanting around Europa like in my younger days.  And second, the thought of a 10 hour flight with no wine was just NOT happening.  So we made the decision to cancel it-- and it was before we announced it to the world, so sorry if I had to fib to some of y'all about the reason :)

The other day we were in the car, and I randomly got really emotional because I wasn't ready for Cash to get older and want to party with his friends on NYE and not his cool parents.  I am crazy.  After Brett pointing out that was like SIXTEEN years away, he said, well we'll just have to take a vacation every New Years, then he'll always want to come with us! GENIOUS.  The point is that at some point traveling will come back into our lives and I'm so happy I have a husband who wants to make it a tradition for our family.

So, let's spy on some places I've been day dreaming about lately shall we?
Bora Bora- ultimate anniversary trip.
Bahamas- gambling AND kid stuff? Sign us up.
Dying to go back to Paris & eat crepes
Chiang Mai
There are many more, but I'll spare you the boredom.  Is there anywhere y'all have been wanting to go lately? Or are going? Do you love to travel w/ yo kids too? Now open for discussion.


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