Tuesday, March 12, 2013


One of the best pieces of advice I've gotten about pregnancy and labor (that I obviously didn't listen to) was ''don't believe the doctors when they tell you they'll see you at the hospital before your due date.'' I now know fully what that means.  It's not the doctors fault, but there is this false sense of hope when they say ''oh we'll definitely be seeing you before then.'' Or during the ultrasound when they say ''oh he looks like he'll be come before your due date for sure.''  When people told me not to really listen and get my hopes up, I always thought to myself pshhh that won't be me, I'm different! My doctor is right! I won't be waiting around!  Don't get me wrong-- Cash could come tonight or tomorrow and I'd be eating my words, but truth is I honestly don't feel like he is.  And I'm becoming OK with it-- he'll come when he's ready and it will still be the best day of our lives, no matter what day that is.  Just thought I'd pass that piece of advice along to any mamas to be out there.

And I'm loving all the texts and messages asking if anything is happening yet because that makes me feel loved and cared about. And I appreciate ya.  I won't be posting details on social media, but we'll let y'all know in some way when we are headed to the hospital for real.  Until then I'll keep blogging any updates I have.

A few weeks ago I did a post about vacations and got lots of great advice to definitely take a mommy/daddy vacay about 6 months after Cash is born to make some time for ourselves.  To keep me preoccupied (you know besides Bravo and my new found love for soap operas), I've been doing a ton of research.  Of course all this is based on how feeding is going, if we're in the middle of moving back to Houston, etc etc, but if not 6 months then definitely later in the year.

Have you heard of Punta Mita?  It's a hidden gem that was unknown to me until I read about Kourtney K & Scott jetting off there for a fam vacay:

It's a 45 minute drive from Puerto Vallarta with a much more beautiful beach and a safe community full of margarita dreams and fresh poolside guacamole.  Mmmm.  And the best part? It's a direct 2 hour 30 minute flight from Houston.  Does not get any better than that for a quick escape with limited flying time.  One of the resorts we are considering.....

And if my post baby body doesn't shrink up to my goal weight, moo moo's will have to do.  You're welcome, Mexico.


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  1. Ryann, now that doctors won't let you go more than a week past your due date, it's great to have friends and family wonder if you've gone into labor yet. I was right at 3 weeks late with Kristen, and I hated to answer the phone and disappoint my friends and family, with: "No, I haven't gone into labor yet."
    I've been afraid to ask you based on my own experience. :) So glad you're not tired of the questions. Love you!