Monday, March 11, 2013


I put that in quotes, because I've come to terms with the fact that he might not be here by or on the day we thought.  This ''date'' you've had in your head for so long that becomes your count down and that you've relied on for the past 10 months is really just a big guess.  Not that one, two, three days after is the end of the world, but at this point every minute seems like a lifetime.  I've always said ''time flies'' when it comes to pregnancy mostly because after each month passes, we say we can't believe how much closer we are to meeting him.  But the last month D-R-A-G-S.

All that being said, I do realize that the due date isn't even here yet so until it passes, I guess I can't complain too much.  Just layin my thoughts out for ya.  Since he didn't make his appearance this weekend, we had some time to go on dates, get last minute things ready, double check the hospital bag, and of course watch important shows like Celeb Apprentice.  Not too shabby.

Every time I call my mom she yells ARE YOU IN LABOR? I'M NOT READY.  I HAVEN'T PACKED.  It's hilarious.  And then I'm like DON'T WORRY HE'S NOT COMING ANYTIME SOON.  And I pause as I think a contraction is coming on, when in reality it's my back hurting from sitting up too long.  This is my life these days in a nutshell.


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