Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Did everyone have a good Thanksgiving? I've never been so happy to see dressing, cranberries (CANNED ONLY PLEASE), potatoes, and everything else I devoured.  I'm already counting down until Christmas so I can eat it all over again.  Or I could just go to Luby's.

This week I've seen all the bloggers create "gift guides" which I do love looking at, but then I'm all like-- who actually buys this stuff? I need a $150 monogrammed scarf like I need a hole in my head.  Ok that's a little dramatic.  But you know what I'm saying??

That being said of course I decided to do one myself.  Mostly because I really felt like blogging today. But also because I am basing my list on things I actually own/swear by/have asked for myself for Christmas.  And that makes it ok right?

holiday list

birch box- monthly subscription for $10.  get the latest beauty samples. i so wish i would have thought of this.
best candle ever- volcano from anthro. your house will never smell the same again.
bla bla dolls- so cute for baby boy!
philosophy bubbles- i swear by these bubble bath scents.
for husband- if you are lucky enough to stumble upon this bourbon at a local shop, scoop it up. then tell no one where you found it.  it's a secret cult kind of thing.
one direction CD- for your inner tween.
dog crib sheet- this screams baby detamore dont ya think?
nursery art- love love these travel prints for the nursery wall.

& that's a wrap.

ryann (baby momma)

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  1. LOVE!!!!!!!!!!! Adding those bubbles and one of those candles to my wish list =)