Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Over the last 5 months, I've been SCOURING the internet for the best advice on mom and baby essentials. Thanks to helpful websites, blogs, and most of all the advice of family and friends, I think we've finally decided on what we want to get for our little man. I know every baby is different and likes different things, but I want to be as prepared and educated as possible! SO I decided to put together some essentials that I'm planning on getting slash already have-- of course the title of this post has a big "?" because he isn't here just yet. But hopefully this helps someone else out there with so many overwhelming choices!

baby first

Obviously there is more but just wanted to start out with a few that I definitely plan on stocking up on!
ryann (baby momma)


  1. Yayyyyyy - LOVE all this!!! Such good picks!!!! =)

  2. So I really LOVE my Elizababy bag. But take the strap off because it weighs like 5 lbs for some reason. Also, we got the Snap N Go, and I don't know if we just happened to get a bad one but I HATE THAT STROLLER WITH ALL OF MY BEING. I know that the mamaroo is the bomb, BUT I might suggest getting a swing as well only because it gets them off the floor and gives the dogs less access. (I know your dogs are huge so it might be a moot point). I LOVE that travel crib... much more chic than a pack n play.