Monday, February 3, 2014


Thank you to everyone who commented and reached out to me on FB for your advice and encouragement!

We made the decision to switch him to a different formula. I don't want to jinx it but so far it seems like he's drinking a little more during the day so we'll so how that goes...I want to recap our nightly feedings since Friday...

NIGHT TWO (Friday)
Bedtime: 7 PM
Woke: 2:30 AM (ate 4 ounces)
Awake for the day: 6 AM

***refused solid foods ALL DAY

NIGHT THREE (Saturday)
Bedtime: 8:30 PM **tried a later bedtime
Woke: 3:30 AM (ate 6 ounces) 
Awake for the day: 8 AM!!!!!!!!!!!

***ate a big solid food dinner thanks to his god mommy Megan!
***in my head I'm thinking, OMG a later bedtime worked this time! It hasn't before but maybe that is the key, hallelujah!! but then came last night.

Bedtime: 8:00 PM **tried a later bedtime, again
Woke: 1:30 AM (ate 6 ounces on and off). WAS AWAKE FOR OVER AN HOUR. 
Awake for the day: 7 AM

Last night threw me way off- there was no rhyme or reason. He went to bed later, had a huge bottle before bed, and ate the biggest dinner he's ever eaten. Also I managed to squeeze in like 24 ounces all day which is huge for him. When he first woke up I tried to feed him the bottle and he was just chewing on it. Like he didn't want it at all. So I fed him a few ounces and put him back down. He screamed. Repeat process. Until all 6 ounces were gone. And he was fast asleep in my arms. Then he woke up around 5:30, squirmed, and didn't get up for the day until around 7. Which is pretty good- I'll take it. But this makes me question if he was even hungry? Some nights he definitely is. And some nights he definitely needs me and the bottle for comfort.  So I think we have a mixture of both problems which is highly confusing and frustrating. Cash is completely sleep trained to GO to bed or to GO down for naps. But during the night it's like he doesn't know how to put himself back to sleep at 1,2,3,4 AM. We tried CIO/Ferber/etc and he will literally scream for 2 hours (which I think I mentioned earlier). This brings us to the night weaning trial..then we move on to CIO again when we KNOW he isn't hungry and only using the bottle for comfort. (Will we ever really know though??? Sigh)

Long story short, I have no idea if this ''night weaning'' is working since some nights he drinks 4 ounces and some nights 6. I do know now we are giving him half water and half formula. And tonight he'll get even less formula and more water.

Typing this all out just makes me even more confused and exhausted.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading!! And nothing makes my day more than when I run into someone and they say ''I read your blog, how did last night go?" LOVE THAT AND LOVE YOU ALL. 


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