Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I'm sitting here drinking a cup of coffee. Watching the monitor. On which my child is sleeping. And has been since 7:30 PM last night. No crying, no nothing. Y'all, this is the second night in a row this has happened.  I didn't want to write a blog post yesterday because if I did and was all like YAAA THIS SHIZ WORKS, then he was up the next night, I'd feel pretty defeated. But 2 nights in a row calls for a celebration.  And if he goes 3 nights? Well shit, he might get his 1st birthday cake a month early.

I honestly feel like night weaning worked/is working for us.  Just last month we were up twice a night and he was easily consuming 10 ounces.  And now that we KNOW he's not hungry and is capable of sleeping straight through feedings, I am mentally ok if he wakes at 5 AM and cries/whines for a while without running in there with a bottle.  I hope these good/positive posts continue for the next few days and this is a permanent thing! If anyone wants to know more details or wants to try night weaning feel free to message me! You know I love me some FB messages.

Moving on...while we're both basking in the fact that we get to sleep straight through the night as well, it's kind of funny that in 5 weeks we will revert to newborn sleep deprivation.  New parents you know what I mean. Where your eyes are literally SO HEAVY and you think to yourself omg I never knew it was possible to be this tired. Or looking out your window at 2 AM and thinking, god I hate everyone else who is sleeping right now. Or going out in public and looking at someone and thinking, I bet you got like 10 hours of sleep last night- I hate you.  That was just me? Ok. Embarrassing.  Anyways, we are so lucky that we have a ton of help now that we are back in Houston and I'm hoping this time around I will be able to nap a little during the day to get back on track (who am I kidding, napping for me = FB and blogging time).

Random news:

Cash is THIRTY TWO (and a quarter) inches tall. Putting him in 100% for height.
He turns 1 year old 2 days after baby girl's due date. Ha.
I have my first official check up at the doctor this Friday to see if I'm dilated/effaced. (let's not get our hopes up)
And Cash is officially awake- 7 AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good job little man.

Must go. xoxox

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  1. Way to go Cash, mommie & daddy. I knew you could do it. Keep up the good work.