Friday, February 7, 2014


But today was the first day of transitioning Cash from 2 naps a day to just ONE. Uno. I feel like that deserves an entire other post/explanation since he's only 10 months old and most ''books'' say this doesn't happen until like 15-18 months. Moving on to last night :)

Bedtime: 7:30 PM
Woke: 3 AM TO 4:30 AM (yup) (drank: 3 oz)
Awake for the day: 7:30 AM

For the first time in a while, he refused to go to sleep at bedtime. After about an hour and a half battle, he finally gave in and snoozed until 3 AM. Then he was playing in his crib which turned to the usual crying for a bottle/comfort. Brett went up there with the 6 ounces and after an hour he had only gotten about 3 down and was just playing/refusing to eat. So he put him back in his crib and apparently that was just not OK. At this point it was 4 AM, we were both up and watching the monitor and made the decision to let him CIO. He obviously was not hungry and it seemed like the only option we had or we would be going in and out all night trying to get him back to sleep. Little man cried for about 30 minutes and then drifted off to zzzzzzz land all by himself. I WAS SO PROUD! And after that he slept until 7:30 AM! (PS yes of course it was hard to let him cry and yes I was a basket case of anxiety) BUT it worked. And after last night I definitely feel ''more'' prepared when we take the bottle away completely.

Only 3 more nights to go! And thank you everyone for reading and following along!


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  1. Geez Louise, I just figured out what CIO means ...