Friday, December 14, 2012


A real good day.  And no, not just because I heard Michael Jackson Black or White on the way to get coffee.  But because today I woke up and something happened that has NEVER happened to me before....I WON A GIVEAWAY!!!!  I have never won anything before in my life (minus $2 scratch off lotto tickets) so this is like a really big deal.  I won some majorly cute gifts from Biscuit Home in a holiday giveaway Bailey hosted on her blog Peppermint Bliss. AND the best part? My friend Lauren won too!! Not only did she win, but she won the big giveaway of the series.  Super excited for her! I laughed so hard when I saw both of our names listed on there.

I'm definitely paying Biscuit a visit over the Christmas holiday for a couple of crib sheets (mentioned on yesterdays post). 

And you know what else I woke up to? An e-mail from Birch Box saying my momma had gifted me a subscription! It's an early but very welcomed Christmas present that I've been dying for the past couple of months.

I seriously think I'm going to go buy some lotto tickets today because I am on a ROLL.

Tonight is the long awaited Bryan Adams concert and just to get you in the mood:



  1. SO EXCITING CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hooray for good days :) I can't wait to see what you won!!!!!

  2. yay thats awesome!!!! one day i won TWO blog giveaways in a matter of three hours. it was like the best day ever.

    and i got a birchbox from my mom for hanukkah! great minds think alike :)