Friday, December 7, 2012


I answered some FAQ's when I first started blogging again so I thought I'd do another round since that was about 2 months ago :)

How far along are you?
26 weeks and almost to the 3rd & FINAL (thank god) trimester.  I can't wait to meet him, but I also can't wait to be unpregnant.

What are you craving?
Everything.  But more recently: Chick-fil-A, sweet tea, spaghetti, cookies/brownies, and the occasional Taco C.  I swear I eat good things too. 

Has it been hard to not drink?
A lot of people have asked me this since I've been known to imbibe every once and a while.  Honestly, it's a no brainer since something so important is now a part of me and my life.  But besides that at the beginning- not at ALL.  Nothing really sounded good much less alcohol.  Now? Not really, but randomly I'll be I could really go for a glass of vino with my 'sgetti.  But it's not ''hard.''  It just is what it is.  Brett's really excited to see how tipsy I get after one glass post-birth.

Do y'all have a name?
I think it's time to say......yes!!!!!!! And we are in love with it.  That whole when you know you know thing?  Totally true. We're debating keeping it a secret until he is born.  Partly because people tend to have so many opinions, and partly because we feel like it's something special between our little family....but I don't know if we'll be able to hold out that long.  We shall see :)

Why haven't you posted bump pictures?
I KNOW. I know. I'm so bad at posting pictures!! Except of our dogs.  My daily outfit consists of maternity workout clothes so I never feel like I'm dressed up enough.  But this will hold me accountable...this weekend I WILL take a bump pic and I WILL post on here on Monday.  See now I have tooooo.  And I just love my lil bump so why not show it off on here.

What effects from pregnancy are you having now?
The nausea has finally gone away for the most part.  Aka no more naps on the bathroom floor thank gurdness.  My biggest complaint as of late are the back aches. UGH.  I need massages and heating pads on the daily.  I would take this over nausea any day though so I try to be somewhat positive.  Also the constant shots/taking blood/tests suck majorly.  I.hate.needles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you scared for labor?
Ok I have been since I knew what labor was.  But to be honest I'm more scared about actually knowing WHEN I'm in labor.  Like I have a real good feeling they will know our names at the labor and delivery admission.  "Oh, it's yall again?'' This happened to my mother, and I am sure to meet the same destiny.

What is baby coming home in?
Apparently this is a thing???  I have no idea.  Maybe something monogrammed?  Or just your basic onesie, socks, and a hat.  We are simple peeps.

Ok that is all I can think of for now.  We are off to the Spurs/Rockets game tonight, but more importantly an open bar (for him) and a free buffet of food goodness (for me). Mmmmmmmmm. Have a great weekend!

ryann (baby momma)


  1. This is what Jack came home in... I didn't get enough pictures of him in it and that makes me sad, but it was cute and I'm going to put it in a shadow box with his hospital bracelets and birth announcement.

    You will soooooooo know when you're in labor! There's no mistaking it! Just don't go walk around Target with contractions like I did. I was not thinking clearly at that point... haha!

  2. Gotcha on this one, my dear FAVORITE daughter-in-law: how are we supposed to get Bebe a monogrammed outfit to come home in IF WE DON'T KNOW HIS NAME???????????????????