Thursday, December 6, 2012


Let's get to the important issues here:

At first I was all like I'm so glad I announced before her.  Then I was all like SHE BETTER NOT STEAL OUR BABY NAME. Then...duh, our taste and her taste might just be a leeeeetle different so I'm pretty sure we're safe there.  I'm not saying we have or don't have a name (sorry to be secretive) just that most likely the next heir (or heiress) of England will not likely steal our thunder.

Ok moving on.

Our baby girl broke her toe this week :(  I've been cooped in our house taking care of her so she doesn't play, run around, and most importantly chew up her cast.  I haven't showered in 3 days and have only left the house to get Chick-fil-A & spaghetti.  Embarassing I know.  I was telling Michelle earlier today that when the baby comes 3 days of not showering is bound to turn into a month.  Here is Fi Fi:

Don't you just wanna hug her?

To something design related.  I know I should really be focusing on the nursery since I'm in week 26 now and about to freak out that nothing is done. BUT, typical me, I'm redoing our bedding situation.  We got the perfect pink headboard that I was going to base the room around-- this was my inspiration:

But when we found out about baby boy, everything got put on hold.  So the bed that was supposed to go in the 2nd bedroom (now the nursery) is staying with us.  Thus it needs some zhushing, whatever that means.  I decided to go more monochromatic this time round w/ a hint of colah plus on a major budget. 

PS. I tried to make a fancy looking design board, but it just wasn't working and my brain is too tired.

This is the bed we have that I got after college from Pottery Barn

I got gray sheets from Target.  I asked for this for Christmas:

And these in black:

I need monogram shams like these bad boyz:

With a pillow like this:

Can you see it all together? I know it's hard to peecture.  Since I'm hoping to get a few of the things above for Christmas, all I had to buy were the sheets ($25), need to get some pillows monogrammed ($25/each), plus the pillow which is around $45.  FINE BY ME!

Also go on over to my girl Liz's blog to check out Baby D's 2nd nursery board!! She is oh so talented, works for a major designer in NYC, and will be BIG one day.  Bask in her goodness here: Irreverently Inspired.

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  1. I think I NEED those pillows :) Love it all amazing as always!!!!!!!!!