Monday, July 2, 2012


happy happy monday! i'm not too happy because once again, i am confined to the walls of our house morning until night afternoon, while they do more installations.

the nice thing about our weekend was mainly that no one was here. i actually got to breathe fresh air more than an hour at a time.  we got to drink chispas (our new fav SA drink) and live a normal life for a couple of days.  'twas nice. vewy nice.

let's take a gander at a the bath & kitch:

new cabinets! new vanity!!!!!
ignore the mirror etc. that is all goin bye bye.

subway tile DONE!
there is also white glossy tile hiding under the brown paper, but she will be revealed soon.

word to tha wise: not everything exactly works out as you imagine in your head. esp with an older house.  we weren't able to center the globes right over the "bar island" due to beams/electrical wiring. something you just have to get over and make on the spot decisions about.  i'm the type of person who constantly over analyzes and second guesses things like this, but after a marg or two, the anxiety goes away and you're just thankful you were able to add globes in the first place. ok that's enough of all that.

things with miss bluebonnet are coming along smooth.  we are in the final revision on the website and CROSS OUR FINGERS everything will be ready to go july 15.  i hope i hope i hope.  

how was y'alls weekend? any updates or gossip i need to know about? please share.  PS. i am now also addicted to RHNJ. Theresa sucks.



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