Friday, June 16, 2017

Beautycounter...SAY WHAT?!

Hello. I'm Ryann. And I've always been skeptical (really skeptical) about selling things and products that people sell through social media. Until I started spending way too much money on Beautycounter. And now I'm eating my own words. I started with buying stuff just for the kids (the whole line is non-toxic and good/safe for you). We restricted food dye for Bowen earlier this year and after getting really good at reading labels I started noticing all the gross things in the bath stuff we were using...dye every.where. Then I slowly started to add more safe products for me....the mimosa body wash, moisturizer, lip gloss. And I became obsessed. Well I'm basically obsessed with anything that has the word mimosa in it obv. And on top of that if Gwyneth sells it on goop it has to be awesomeness right?! I mean....

You see Brett & I recently started both trying to lose weight that we have added on over the past few years and we've been successful so far. Then I thought you know what-- I deserve to also take care of my body and skin and before I knew it I was googling stuff like kim k's nightly routine...khloe's fav skin products...because apparently I'm also obsessed with the Kardashians? #noshame. I started buying so much different stuff and actually became passionate about it that my friend Myra encouraged me to start selling it. My immediate reaction was no, i don't have time, i'm too stressed, i don't want people to make fun of me. And I just kept going back to it over and over again. Ever since having to leave a job I loved I've been craving something to do for myself. Even though initially I never pictured it to be this exactly; but after getting the advice of B & some close friends I decided you know what? Who cares. I'm going to try it and if it makes me happy and gives me something to do for myself then what's wrong with doing that.

So here I am. Shouting it from the rooftops that I'M A BEAUTYCOUNTER CONSULTANT. Ah feels good to get that off my chest.

I've also discovered that it's kind of like feeding your kids broccoli. You probably don't do it every day. Or even every other day. but when you do, you fell DANG good about yourself. That's how Beautycounter is for me. I might forget to put sunscreen on them every single day and they might get banana boat at my parents house...but when I put Beautycounter sunscreen on them (which is non toxic and rated 1 on the EWG scale) I feel DANG good about myself. #momwin

So let's get into my top 5 favorite things I've tried so far that I love:

1) Sunscreen and sunscreen stick: by far my most favoritest stuff ever. it's completely 100% safe for you AND the kids. it smells fantastic and the sunscreen face stick is kid approved and mommy tested.

2) Kid Bath Pack: the body wash, shampoo, and conditioner are all legit. i love knowing that i'm using safe stuff on them (and cute packaging for the designer in me to display). my absolute favorite is the conditioner because benny hates when i brush her hair. it's a hot mess. but this seriously makes it less tangly!

3) Baby Gentle All Over Wash: perfect for the tiniest little babes and doubles as a bubble bath too! i wish i knew about this when i had a newborn.

4) LIP GLOSS: yep. there's makeup too. dangerous. i seriously have to restrain myself from ordering every color. i have peony which is perfect pink.

5) Citrus Mimosa Body Wash and Bar: like i said. i love anything with the word mimosa in it. y'all this smells so freaking good. it's the first thing i bought for myself and haven't stopped using it since.

If you want to see more products or just check it out, here's my personal page:

And add me on Facebook! I promise not to overshare or annoy you. Pinky swear.

Thanks for making it this far and thanks to everyone who encouraged me to go for it! I'm going to go hide now.


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