Monday, January 13, 2014


9 more weeks until we become a family of four. i'm still trying to wrap my head around it all. 2 kids to feed, 2 kids to bathe, 2 kids to take to the grocery store. then i start thinking about how i never had a sister or brother growing up. and how excited i am to see cash as a big brother. and to watch him watch his sister. and to watch her love her brother. all these things make me happy. and all warm and fuzzy inside.

in other news, feeding a 10 month old is HARD WORK you guys. definitely one of the biggest hurdles i've faced in motherhood so far (besides you know the whole lack of sleep thing). but planning out meals and introducing new foods and getting him to actually sit in the high chair for more than 5 minutes- it's exhaaaausting. he pretty much only likes bananas and guac at this point. and of course that donut that mom sneaks in every week from shipleys (is it so wrong?)

oh and cashy started SCHOOL last week! well mother's day out, but you get the point. i spent the whole day counting down until i could pick him up and tried to not have a break down. but i went to starbucks! i got my nails done! i ran errands! i ate lunch without having to scarf it down in 5 minutes. it all felt real nice. but man i did miss my little guy.

so 9 more weeks to go. until baby girl. and until i never have to be pregnant. ever. again.


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